Articles to 2011-01-23

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Huang confirms something I learnt empirically on a youth-leaders’ seminar decades ago. Three other articles by Huang and Galinsky are in press but no preprints yet.

If you wanted to pretend reading more than the compulsory literature, Iona, then Iacopino would be a good one to drop a quote from in a seminar.

Balter is a very good review of the current discussion about Out of Africa. Unfortunately the sources a given badly or not at all, but I believe to have read and bibliographed the articles about the wet Sahara already.

The importance of a lot of body contact for small children is something I’ve believed in for long but had no corroboration for. Williams finally offers the proof.

There are two sides about Sherwood. The method is promising and could answer the question of meat consumption even when the nitrogen enrichment in crop plants is variable or unknown through manuring or differs strongly between domestic and wild animals. His main point completely ignores the contribution of the Mississippi effluent and the whole North American east coast to the gulf stream. Its nutrient enrichment may well be an artifact of mineral fertilizers since WWII. World wide warm waters tend to be nutrient poorer than cold ones.

Here’s the link to this week’s complete list.

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