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The Indus civilization did not live along the Indus after all, according to Lawler.

Gioia and Fessler have important safety implications for children and young adults.

Harpending helps explain some current antisocial subcultures. Stapel suggests local political intervention to support inter-ethnic cohesion.

Xie has far reaching implications about committed totalitarians. It is sufficient to brainwash one tenth of a population to achieve unanimous support. Ten percent are not that much when keeping all Palestinians inside barbed wire camps as done in all Arab countries and subjecting them to relentless propaganda and censorship. The older among us well remember the enormous amount of money and effort expended by the East German regime to undermine the West. In 1982 dozens of highly trained and well financed groups with fanatical followers all dissolved simultaneously and infiltrated the new Green movement. They wisely concentrated their effort on one impressionable age cohort and patiently waited for the elders to die out. Somehow they still maintain a general and undisputed doublethink. Nothing is ever heard about atomic reactors in Iran and China, only those inside the Western economy are the bad ones.

"You can have too much of a good thing." I’m still reading Bulbulia 2008 (from the list of 11-03-25) and following up references – this week it did become too much.

Here’s the link to this week’s complete list.

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