Articles to 2011-12-15

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Finally Crocker & Cooper come round to addressing the crux of the fraud problem. Wicherts strongly reminds me of Richard P. Feynman on cargo cult science – diligently copying the outer trappings of what scientists do without really understanding what science is about.

I don’t understand what Navarrete is really proposing. Her hypothesis sounds reasonable, but none of her diagrams show dimensions and units on the axes and none of her tables are adequately explained. There may be something in it, but there’s no way to tell. From personal experience I dispute that bipedal locomotion means small effort for lugging fat depots around. I also note she compares efficient bipedalism to more strenuous climbing but ignores apes moving slowly over short distances while early humans were regular long distance runners.

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