Articles to 2011-12-21

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

I’m sorry, but the reply by Priyadarshi et al. is total and utter nonsense. When the Tsunami came, and for several hours after, all four reactor blocks and cooling systems were intact and working fine. There was no 35S about for the wave to disperse. All emissions only came days after when cooling was achieved by boiling off alone and the cores were either breached or vented. If at that time enough 35S was already present, then it was that emitted at that time and no need for any to be newly produced.

The only thing remarkable about House et al. is that someone saw fit to publish it at all. The idea of collecting CO2 is on a par with that of burning hydrogen as fuel because the oceans are full of it.

While the rest of the story by Berreby may be rather futuristic, the first part strongly reminds me of children’s birthday parties of the early nineties. The amount of specific instructions coming with every child was unbelievable to anyone, whose own birthdays were celebrated in the sixties.

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