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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Well, well, social engineers with something to hide are so transparent. As Villeval states „Balafoutas and Sutter find that, with very few exceptions, the most able men are not overtaken by less able women.“, which immediately leads one to ask what about the less able ones? Supplementary figure one tells us: Low and averagely abled women are strongly advanced, low abled men are unaffected and averagely abled ones very strongly decreased. Now undoubtedly the top performers are important, but the great majority and thus of the highest influence on total productivity are in lower middle management.

I still haven’t found the Feynman reference (and nor has anyone else), but Mackintosh 2002 seems to duplicate and enhance it without referencing anything before 1952.

Möllinger 2004 is one more of those homeopathy studies, that, if true, are going to bring the whole edifice of chemistry and physics crashing down round our knees. The only science to endure will be classic literature.

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