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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Barham highlights a problem not only for schools but for the changes I’ve seen in universities since the early eighties. Semester exams used to yield only passed or not passed while the grading for Vordiplom and Diplom (loosely BS and MS) came from oral exams covering everything from all years. Now you get your final marks right at the end of the semester, the subject is „done“ and may as well be forgotten.

That science is in real trouble has finally reached editors and editorials. Another new case thankfully is only plagiarism, which does not invalidate the published results, but the place where it came from casts a shadow over a whole continent. And Carpenter finally shows a bright light if at the far end of a long tunnel. When comparing something new to something long established, the established part too needs to be redone in your own laboratory. Feynman said as much fifty years ago and finally at least one laboratory has begun to listen.

McGlone, Rule, Bayon, and Dupont show profound influence of humans on climate long before conventionally accepted, adding more proof to the Ruddiman-hypothesis.

Stanford and Bradley may run counter to genetic proof, but the number of reliably dated early American sites rises. Those people must have come from somewhere at a time when the Bering passage was definitely closed. So where and how?

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