Articles to 2012-05-05

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Ayres finds one more and a new consequence of antibiotic abuse, yet there’s still no sign of its abatement.

Piston and Hayden are related. If you don’t understand how it works, don’t use it, for me that rule applies to kitchen appliances and motor cars as much as to measuring devices and statistical methods. One issue I have with Piston is this: someone who mindlessly pops samples into a machine and copies down whatever the display says is an unskilled labourer but not and never "a hard-working and dedicated student".

Hertwig and Koriat lead to an interesting question. While confidence does correlate with validity of knowledge there are also persistent interindividual offsets. Typical leader personalities tend to be very certain even if objectively wrong most of the time. Is this part of what makes up a born leader or is it Koriat’s mechanism at work? Is someone who’s always sure about their opinion deferred to more often than not and consistently pushed into the leading role irrespective of other personality traits?

Christian Moni Bidin et al. find no dark matter in our part of the galaxy. It has long been my gut feeling that neither dark matter nor dark energy are real. That the expansion of the universe just happens to straddle the border between closed elliptical and open hyperbolic (i.e. possibly parabolic) and our lifetime just happens to fall into the transition from gravitational deceleration to energetic acceleration calls for a mathematical rather than physical explanation and seems to be an artifact of curved space-time itself.

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