Articles to 2012-05-24

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

As long as science is a career not a vocation (and in many subjects outside of engineering and physics the only career), that career is mostly furthered by the number of publications, and publication favours positive results over correct ones, new results over replicated and established ones, clear-cut results over ambiguous ones, and precise results over meaningful ones, I see no solution to the problem of science. At least Sarewitz is another example of the problem being recognized and solutions finally being sought.

Unfortunately the source for Cheating is unavailable.

Oka and Hu offer two rather different explanations for the gulf stream instability in the second half of the last glacial. While Hu’s is a definite physical effect all Oka has to offer is a model with many parameters finely tuned to make it come out just so.

Highly fertile anthropogenic dark and black soils are often seen as a products of fire use. Iriarte et al. demonstrate that this is not the only mechanism.

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