Articles to 2012-07-19

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Simonsohn makes a pertinent point about scientific fraud. Journals should admit their responsibility and do something about it instead of falsely framing themselves as the innocent victims.

All secondary reports, Schoeninger included, try to frame Henry’s result in terms of human ancestors. I can’t see why. Au. sediba is very much younger than H. habilis, younger even than P. robustus, and there are many other examples of some branches in larger clades retracing some evolutionary steps or habitat changes. So what?

Esper et al. is another confirmation of the well attested fact, that trees do not record low frequency long-term climate changes and these can’t be reconstructed from them.

More about antibiotics in Hermsen et al. It seems that even when responsible protocols are fully adhered to, i.e. both dosage and duration are high enough to eliminate all pathogens, biological diversity inside the body will still provide refugia and more importantly gradients conducive to rapid development of resistances.

According to Jandó et al. the fetal brain is fully prepared for environmental input well before delivery. So disregarding the more over the top voodoo ideas there may well be something in singing to the baby, so perhaps I’ve not made a complete fool out of myself at the time.

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