Articles to 2012-08-25

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

In Gillen-O’Neel we find yet another study that could be relevant if it weren’t useless. Full of statistical mumbo-jumbo and short on content it lacks even a single data point or even error bar in its two figures. This is cargo cult not even pretending to be science. At least in Cologne psychology is not placed among the sciences but grouped with music and knitting where it belongs.

The most relevant part of Reich et al. is, what they have not found. There seem to be no discernible traces of any pre-Clovis immigrants, which leaves the question of the too early occupation wide open.

We have two historically well attested climate events that are observed nearly world-wide in tree rings and yet according to Pearson et al. trees from the very area where they occurred show no discernible traces. I won’t go so far and offer to eat my boxer shorts like Jim Al-Khalili did, but I’ll gladly bet a good meal or drink, that this dating just has to be wrong.

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