Articles to 2012-10-14

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

The mechanism documented by Jensen et al. or an analog may go far in explaining the frequently claimed efficacy of homeopathy in pet animals.

I for one am surprised by Myrskylä & Fenelon. I had always assumed that biologically, i.e. health-wise the traditional age of about 16–20 for first motherhood was an advantage over our modern 35. It seems I was wrong.

Saslis-Lagoudakis et al.’s result can be paraphrased as "Members of traditional societies are not all stupid. They are able to observe and draw conclusions." I for one am not surprised, but it seems that for some time now the pharmaceutical industry has abided by the opposite paradigm.

Domínguez-Rodrigo 2012 is in support of the disputed Malthusian hypothesis that humans have always multiplied up to the carriage capacity of the time. Of course there is the proviso, that not the average years count but the worst ones recurring every couple of decades, resulting in affluence for the rest of the time.

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