Articles to 2012-10-20

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Ackerman has more on antibiotics. In addition science NOW report on MRSA detected in wildlife. (The primary source is unavailable except for the abstract.)

Where Callaway reports on criticism about the interpretation of Ashraf & Galor’s results (list of 2012-09-27) I failed to see their supposed correlation in the first place. My conclusion was "So do I see any explanatory value in their hypothesis? I think not." and I stand by it.

I was skeptical about Meier et al. as an obvious data dredge but their results on cannabis seem sound.

Eriksson et al. date the AMH expansion to Europe significantly earlier than currently found fossils suggest and much more in line with the dating of supposed Neanderthal admixture.

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