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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

de Waal and Gavrilets offer interesting additional commentary on Opie (list of 2013-08-17) and Lukas (list of 2013-08-24).

Having read Lo & Fowler I immediately expected Wodarz & Komarova to lack two important considerations and found myself confirmed.
The authors only looked at intentional use but not the mentally ill, children, or drunk accidents, which imho constitute the strongest argument for gun control, even though their combined contribution to gun deaths is certain to be much smaller than their share in media coverage.
On the other hand they only considered armed attacks, ignoring beating, clubbing, and kicking a fallen victim to death, all far more prevalent than shootings. While all these are open to violent criminals, few honest citizens would be able and willing to retaliate in kind. Even one or two guns in a crowded underground car, carried by citizens not prone cowardly to look the other way, would make a huge difference to victims. Also seeing that attempted bank robberies are only reported in the local press while shootings are found in regional and national news and noting the frequency I see both, the availability of illegal guns under tight gun control must be much higher than the authors assume.

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