Articles to 2013-11-15

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Starr et al.’s result may be significant in a purely formal statistical sense, but while their figures 2 a and b may show a slight effect at the extremes, the distribution for the bulk of the population is obviously purely random. Another meaningless non-result.

I’m sorry but although Kidd has an interesting subject and a plausible hypothesis I won’t be bothered to read him. Without a single diagram and not even a concise table of results this kind of waffle is substandard even for a high school essay and certainly fails the criteria for being considered a scientific article. Life is too short ...

Snow tries to imply, that Paleolithic cave art may have been made by women. To that end he analyses hand stencils and mainly excludes grown men by size. Now firstly hand stencils are often seen connected to adolescent initiation ritual while art is more probably executed by elders. More importantly the sexual dimorphism in the smaller hands of adolescents and women of all ages is slight and his own data show a predictive value of 60 %, i.e. barely above chance, although he does claim a much larger dimorphism in ancient populations.

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