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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Although Rhodes & Churchill’s data all point towards Neanderthals throwing things, they strangely conclude the opposite in their discussion. Admittedly there are some surprising elements like a stronger signal in women than men. Current consensus is that very large prey was hunted not by few but rather the whole group in coordination, so might not women have thrown from farther away with the males closing in for the kill? Also the most lateralised feature of the human brain is language, which is usually assumed to be at least very different in Neanderthals. So is there really a sound reason to assume them to be largely right handed?

A stronger argument for the same conclusion is offered by Shea (2006), but then we do not really know how the very heavy Clovis points were used against the same prey as hunted by Neanderthals.

LeBlanc and Ray’s monopoles can not exist without an opposite pole and without being connected to it by a thread of infinite field strength. I stand by my comment of last week.

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