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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Of course a single study, even if a sizeable one like Burkert et al., is not sufficient for general conclusions and even less for determining the direction of causality. It is however strikingly divergent, in fact the opposite, of what current mainstream consensus tends to claim. So one thing we can say is that things are not as simple and monocausal as vegetarian propagandists would have us believe. So perhaps now we can leave ideology behind and finally begin taking a look at the facts.

From 1.8 MJ laser input – iirc laser is generated at less than 10 % efficiency so let’s call it 20 MJ – we have finally achieved nuclear fusion and generated a whopping 17 kJ of fusion energy. Reading Herrmann and Hurricane it seems the fusion constant can be numbered among the well attested physical constants and won’t be changing anytime soon.

There can be no doubt about climate change occurring as it has for at least the last 2.5 million years, although the last 10 000 have been exceptionally stable, and neither can there be about a lot of it being anthropogenic. What Peng et al. demonstrate yet again, if more proof were required, is the huge role of deforestation, urbanisation and river regulation against simple and unproven monocausal models concentrating on a single life-sustaining trace gas.

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