Articles to 2014-04-18

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

There is nothing I can see to fault the results by Campbell et al. as they are. But then the area and the families those children came from were cherry picked for best results and what they got is hardly representative of normal state-run childcare. If this is going to be taken as a pretext for more enforced social engineering and taking children out of families, I fear it’s going to lead to an untold amount of damage. There already is anecdotal evidence, that after 20 years Sweden is now facing its most mentally disrupted generation of young adults ever.

I don’t descend into the depths of TV-staring myself but what I see when perusing the daily and weekly papers looking for pointers to primary articles, I might have missed otherwise, does not give me confidence that science journalists there have grasped the basics even at primary school level. If reporting is taken over by people, who have mastered at least one science, it can only be for the good, both inside their area of special expertise or outside it. After all about 90 % of what I read in journals falls outside mine.

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