Articles to 2014-08-23

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

Loads of tabloid stuff this fortnight but little of substance. Yang et al. finally solve the riddle, why slim and fat women always go to the loo together. Shame the model breaks down for old men.

Being sensitised to current carbon-dioxide scams I was skeptical about Graciani et al.’s catalytic methanol production. Looking more closely, the reaction of CO2 and H2 is still exothermic but less so than the common one starting with carbon monoxide. So this seems to be a genuine advance towards lower losses and higher efficiency.

If Eckhardt et al. and Henneberg et al. (same authors in different order) are right, that’s it for our late persisting Hobbit cousins. Shame really.

There are three questions behind every scientific endeavour, that every scientist must be prepared and able to answer: What are your questions, your methods, and your results? Gender studies, as Buchholz conclusively proves, blankly refuse to answer any of them. If politics still decides to finance them, they must not longer do so from the science budget.

I have not yet read Andrew Collins in full. He seems to be a crackpot, but there may still be a nugget of a valuable idea in there.

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