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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

There are two rules that psychologists, sociologists and all the other humanities will probably never grasp: 1) Correlation is not causation, 2) Any regression between the most random data will always yield a definite result with a non-zero slope. Most results shown in d’Acunto et al. depend on one or two outliers alone, and those few that don’t cry out hidden common agent. And as always the predictive value of their parameter is zero.

Legates et al. point out a classic case in circular reasoning. No fund-seeking scientist you ask will deny, that the words "climate change" have been an important part of getting any application approved for some years now. And now the same political leaders, who have enforced that rule, count the mere presence of those buzzwords, even if not supported by the results of those studies at all (I can cite dozens of examples), as proof for and acceptance of their preconception, strongly reminding of totalitarian regimes for whom standing trial is sufficient proof of guilt.

Fu et al. offer further proof for Neanderthal-Modern admixture and pinpoint the timing. This leaves the question of where more glaringly open as ever. With all the obvious and known places rejected everything now seems to point to the Arabian peninsula.

In a BBC interview, though not in the article itself, one of the authors of Bos et al. raised the possibility, that sea mammals may be the true source of TB and that cattle may have acquired it from humans.

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