Articles to 2014-11-15

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

What Kemp reports about America strongly smacks of the kind of ideological cleansing practised by Lyssenko and Mao. I may be misled by unfamiliar terms, but as far as I can tell the dismissed Armitage was neither a lecturer nor assistant professor but a technician, and a good one at that. Since when do university students need cloistering, indoctrination, and being protected from whacky ideas? When the university president and the department head were students themselves, Timothy Leary’s orgon energy was taken seriously by some. By all accounts Armitage always kept his work and his beliefs meticulously apart. After the death of Stalin even Russia was more liberal than America seems to have become.

Vlassova et al. throw new light on ("female") intuition. If you remember neither the source nor the content of unconscious information and if what it suggests does not seem well founded to you, i.e. you feel no confidence in it, your conscious mind will tell you to dismiss it but it will, surprisingly and unexplainedly, often turn out to be correct after all.

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