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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.

And here we go again, and again it’s none other than the Journal of Archaeological Science. In Piqué et al. there are nine co-authors, several referees and an editor, who have all signed their names to passing the article and not a single one of them has noticed the figure (5) with no labels on the axes whatsoever and a caption with not a single syllable to tell us, what it may be, that’s actually shown there. And after you find out by carefully reading the relevant section, it’s useless. To measure the width of a bent beam like a bow and not its thickness is just plain silly.

From Jiang et al. one could deduce that successful leadership tends not to result from competence, as real-world competence often correlates with slightly autistic personality traits. On the other hand a successful leader’s empathy has much in common with a successful con-man’s, which may explain why political leadership is so often gained by lawyers and fraudsters.

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