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It would be very easy to quibble with Janssen et al.’s modeling. The terms in their equations alternate between overly detailed, overly simplified, and wrong. But the value ranges chosen for all their parameters look like a very sensible order of magnitude, making theirs an eminently welcome contribution to a highly understudied field of enquiry.


Mighall et al. are another confirmation, that Bronze and Iron Age industries had little environmental impact.


Interestingly Bian et al.’s stereotypes emerge exactly at the time when children are being intellectually challenged in the presence of others and in a competitive atmosphere for the first time. This all happens in an environment that consciously and continuously stresses the equality and ability of girls. So who’s to say it’s all prejudice and not observation? If so it does not mean, girls are or even perceive themselves to be less intelligent, it suffices if they happen to be less inclined to engage in strenuous intellectual tasks or to submit themselves to competition.

Speculating wildly the result may even be an outcome of these politically correct endeavours. Girls are continuously being told how superior and clever they are, while boys are being admonished towards diligence and trying to keep up. Being presented with the realities and demands of school life, might not the former find their expectations being dashed and the latter theirs confirmed, tending to make the ones give in and the others to apply themselves in order to maintain their unexpected success?

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