Articles to 2017-04-29

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It has long been shown that most of the purported wage gap between men and women results from the choice of generally low paid jobs and lines of business. But still, even after correcting for that, there remains a measurable gap between women and men in formally identical jobs and of identical seniority. In a commendable study Bizopoulou has looked into that and found important statistical differences in the way the two sexes prefer to work. Concentrating on the large and significant differences in her figure 1 we see:

These task preferences tend to correlate with wages independently of the sex of the employee. Of course the reporting on this result tends to concentrate on giving presentations, something indeed also more often done by men but a minor and irrelevant part of the work load for both sexes.


If Eemian presence of humans in America, as reported by Holen et al. and Hovers, really can be substantiated, the next question is: Who were they, Neanderthals from Europe, Africans, Denisovans from East Asia or yet another group entirely?


As a short introduction into the beginnings and sources of Rabbinic Judaism the hand book article by Hezser is hard to beat.

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