Articles to 2017-09-23

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There can’t be and never has been any doubt about the strong anthropogenic influence on local and global climate. Pervasive deforestation, overgrazing, river regulation and depletion, drainage of wetlands, exhaustion of ground water sources, and the destruction of arable soil through over fertilization and unprecedented erosion take their toll. The one point in dispute is the focus of politically motivated single issue fanatics an carbon dioxide alone.

Looking at a parallel from 17.7 ka ago McConnell et al. demonstrate an unexpectedly strong influence on climate by Antarctic ozone depletion. If they are right, and their case is a strong one, then a large part of recent weather abnormalities can be explained from there. That said, part of the 17.7 ka climate excursion was a change in deep water circulation and carbon dioxide uptake. It would be ridiculous to claim the well documented and steep industrial rise had no effect, but that does not make exaggerated extrapolations based on instability at the borders of a modeling interval any more plausible, much less proven fact.


The beginning of the Bronze age is generally perceived as one of the major turning points in human history. Using a large sample from the Lech valley in Bavaria Knipper et al. demonstrate a level of cultural and ethnic continuity across that boundary that is strongly at odds with currently accepted views.

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