Articles to 2017-10-28

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It is sad to see what the purely political and lobby-driven enforcement of catalytic conversion has done to engine development in the last few decades. Both Hwang et al. and Jung et al. completely ignore the importance and effect of spark gap width, although it has been successfully put into practical use in the twenties and theoretically understood in its basics since the late thirties. Both of them seem not to have heard of the flame enhancement possible through the generation of radicals, known and described in the seventies. The team I was a member of built better – and simpler/cheaper! – ignition systems than theirs in 1989 and my thesis ended with recommendations for further improvement. And yet the ignition systems in actual use today are no better than those imposed by the technical limits of the early sixties.

Their extremely elaborate and expensive systems for very little advantage look like a diversionary facade put up by vested interests in the status quo.

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