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Schlesinger is of curse right, that mature woods still grow and still pull down carbon dioxide, but the facts remains, as he rightly states himself, that newly planted trees consume much more of it in the first twenty years of their lives. So harvesting trees and planting new ones does accelerate the uptake. But of course we gain nothing, and this is his main point, if we then just go and burn them with, incidentally, much higher pollution than from burning clean fossil fuels. So what's the answer? It has been known and discussed for quite some time now: Carbonize the wood and plow it under. The black soil generated in this way is the most fertile and healthy soil we know and it's known to store its carbon for a long time. This procedure will solve several ongoing problems in one go.


It has been known for a very long time, that the nutritional value of meat is in the order of one tenth that of the edible plants consumed by the livestock. So the only thing remarkable about Shepon et al. is that they see fit to repeat such a platitude at all. What they do say is in fact not, that the losses through meat production are bigger than those from spoiling, that was a foregone conclusion anyway, but that the two losses are similar enough in size to warrant the comparison in the first place. So the real conclusion is the opposite of what they state, namely that spoilage is such a large loss, that measures aimed at it may prove a very worthwhile investment of capital and effort.


Ponsot et al. is another recent example where the main purpose of research is influencing people and optimizing elite-controlled state propaganda, not least through AI means. Or how would you interpret “prototypes derived with the method can then be reapplied to arbitrary spoken utterances, thus providing a principled way to modulate personality impressions in speech”?

Even a few years ago any hint of intentions like these would have resulted in an enormous public outcry, now not even an open and public declaration like the above gets noticed by the media. Something in our society has fundamentally changed in my lifetime.

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