Articles to 2018-08-03

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Contrary to older studies looking at the outbreak of war Burke et al. explicitly check for displacement effects and find that they indeed reduce their raw result to a third. So at first sight this study appears to be sound. I can't help noticing though, that they limit their comparison to a single month. Having already got the data and the algorithm, it would have been a trivial thing to expand that to a span of two or three previous months. I wonder why that obvious test was not done or not reported.

An interesting secondary result is that the rate of gun ownership has no or perhaps even a negative effect contrary to what the gun control lobby always claims.


The intensive use of wild cereals since the end of the last glacial maximum has long been demonstrated. So it comes as no surprise, that one of those uses has been a kind of bread. Still, it's nice to have Arranz-Otaegui et al. supply the proof.

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