Articles to 2019-01-04

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


What neither Lacasa nor Cerioli et al. fully point out is, that for the Newcomb–Benford law to work you need data that span several orders of magnitude and are free from artificial attractors. If there is a limit to the price of meals an employer will reimburse or a step in the taxation rate then the numbers will honestly tend to cluster just below that without any fraud or falsification involved. The method used claims to correct for that but they don't quite explain how.


OSL-dating is a technique, where you draw a two-sigma-band around your result and find half or more of your plotted data points falling outside of it. I need more than the single find at Guanyindong Cave reported by Hu et al. before accepting the demand to rewrite all our text books.

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