Articles to 2019-03-03

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


This week there are two very valuable review series, one in the SAA Archaeological Record about aDNA's advances and limits and one in science about Mendeleev and the periodic table.



Models are not data. Models may and do help in elucidating measurements but treating them as such themselves is bound to lead to widely wrong conclusions, especially when using them to extrapolate beyond the range of data they were fitted to. Rhein and Lozier et al. offer a case in point – not that I expect anyone to take notice.

Zhu et al. is one more study placing state directed mass media propaganda on a more scientific base and helping to make it more effective. The constantly rising number of such advances is giving me the creeps. Not everyone is as stupid as the German ARD allowing such plans to become public (and paying 120 000 € of viewers' hard earned money for an undergraduate-level review of well known and well established facts).

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