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As if there weren't already enough, Lelieveld et al. offer another example of epidemiology gone mad. All they have to offer is a correlation with a tiny risk ratio. All possible and probable confounders are treated sloppily or not at all and completely omitted from the declared error ranges. They totally omit any consideration of in-house air quality. Air pollution is very strongly correlated to noise, neighbourhood, and general housing conditions – all known and proven to aggravate cardiovascular disease.

But much worse than all that and ample reason for this study to be thrown out by any conscientious reviewer: The smallest grid element they look at and use to classify air and people is 100 by 100 km, 10 000 km2, or 1 Million hectares. Offhand I can think of no area this size outside of the central Sahara that does not cover widely varying natural and living conditions. It is a long time since I last saw a published study as nonsensical as this, no wonder the yellow press lapped it up.

Please compare it to the methodologically very similar study by Engemann et al., that offers a real, plausible, and credible result.


Although what Moore et al. say is obvious and essentially trivial, they do give it a quantitative foundation. Their result is of course far more general than their chosen example and equally applies to e.g. censorship, surveillance, reduced freedom, and banned language.

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