Articles to 2019-03-28

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Reardon tells us a lot about current law adherence, when there is a public outcry about an executive order, that does nothing but reiterate the long existing law. While it may be quite true, that this order “is intended to protect conservative voices”, it is an unfortunate and undeniable fact of life, that criminal and violent hordes attacking speakers and venues near exclusively emanate from one side of the political spectrum. (See as one example of many.) As long as university administrations tolerate the violent prevention of talks by invited speakers and undertake absolutely nothing to discipline the perpetrators, this order is, unfortunately, necessary and unavoidable.


Some science fiction is too near the truth for comfort. Dawson is a case in point. Every single book I lent out and never got back has ripped a piece out of my soul and all of these wounds still hurt.

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