Articles to 2019-05-21

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Kunene et al. and Huan et al. report on the solar powered production not of universally useable high-grade electricity but of hydrocarbon feedstocks at an energetic efficiency of 2.3 % and a product selectivity of less than 60 %. The only practical purpose I can see is the grabbing up of ideologically motivated subsidies.


I still stay unconvinced about climate change doomsday scenarios. My main reason is this: Every time a higher order (than linear) function is fitted to a limited set of data, it tends to leave the range, the data are in, at a high and divergent slope. Using that artificial slope (think hockey-stick) to extrapolate, is a mug's game. That said, denying the effect of carbon dioxide altogether, as some equally clue less activists of the other side do, is just as silly. With saturation effects in mind it's unsurprising, that times of exceptionally low concentrations produce the strongest results, as Hartmann and Macdonald et al. demonstrate.

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