Articles to 2019-12-13

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Li et al. do not define their terms, but as there's no reason at all why they should be running their apparatus in a vacuum, the pressure they state must be read as a partial pressure. If so, their 0.01 bar is equal to 10 000 ppm, ten times higher than the excessive 1000 ppm in exhaust flues and 100 000 times of the emission limits to be reached. So while they may have made an important advance, there's still a long way to go to make it practical. And while NOx in air may be a lot to breathe in, the amount is less than tiny compared to the volume of needed nitrogen fertilizer. Their conversion of the extract is nothing but a gimmick to draw funding from clueless politicians.


Soil is the most important endangered ecological resource we have and any methodological advance toward preserving it, like Manning and Rillig et al. is to be welcomed.


Not only the florescence of the Assyrian empire but also that of Israel and surrounding small kingdoms fell into the 9th to 7th centuries BC. Sinha et al. demonstrate one of the causes for that. Of course the form that this flowering took and the freedom for it to do so resulted from the collapse of the ruling imperia of the Late Bronze Age.

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