Articles to 2019-12-27

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CO2-capture is a red herring. Any kind of CO2 production can be magicked away by hand-waving and invoking the elusive, never yet realized capture. What Chen & Chen actually describe is the conversion of coal into high-grade fuel and feedstock at high losses and low efficiency – significantly not once mentioned or quantified in this article – and large carbon dioxide emissions. It is easy for this to slip by as all eyes are trained on electricity generation, transport and heating. The best use of coal is in high efficiency electricity generation coupled to the effective, near-perfect flue gas scrubbing that large plants allow. Natural gas is to be saved for high-value applications and not wasted in base-load grid-power generation.


All climate models were tweaked for predicting a moderate warming in the near future and only diverging into a catastrophic hockey-stick like surge much later. As a moderate rise is what the accepted measurements provide, it's no surprise that they all seem to perform reasonably well in Hausfather et al. The value in and proof of a theory or model lies in correctly predicting the unexpected.

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