Articles to 2020-03-26

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Again I have included a selection of what I consider to be relevant primary sources about the current crisis. This is a science blog and there is nothing I have to add to these. I do have an opinion about what to do and about government interventions, which is not found here but in my general and policy blog .


Lang is what science is all about. If there were more like her, we'd all be in a better state.


I'm convinced Bos et al. is going to be touted and cited as a solution for the storage and intermittency problem. In reality they provide just the opposite. As far as I know there is not yet any chemical synthesis available that can cope with intermittent power coming in large peaks. What Bos et al. want to do is syphon off the constant base power of turbines (available for 8 000 h/a) to generate methanol. This makes the fluctuations and surges the grid has to cope with much worse, not better. The price they quote as net production cost is nearly equal to the gross end consumer price for petrol at filling stations including all taxes and distribution when compared by energy content.

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