Articles to 2020-04-10

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Several important studies about Covid transmission control. Ferretti et al. is frequently cited as the “Fraser-study”. The leaked memo for the Bundesregierung is especially important and confirms everything that could be concluded from what has become known so far.


There has always been an important dichotomy between engineers and scientists on the one hand and journalists and politicians on the other. The first view is, again, perhaps stated most convincingly by Feynman and asserts that everybody can understand and evaluate the facts if sufficiently motivated to do so and should be treated as a responsible and sentient adult. The others are determined that they alone are capable of balanced reasoning, that it's irresponsible to expose people to too much data, and that they have to educated in what to think. There is an anecdotal rule that every organisation has to prevent its engineers from speaking to customers and the public because engineers always tell the truth about facts, even unpleasant and embarrassing ones. Van der Bles et al. have set out to resolve just that question and personally I'm gratified to find that the engineers were right about this all along.

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