Articles to 2020-04-25

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First the link to this week's complete list as HTML and as PDF.


There are several prevalence studies this week and transmission studies plus the one about asymptomatic cases in Vò, Italy. None of these add anything to the assumption of 90 % undiagnosed cases. Ziegler et al. explains part of the mechanism and probably adds to understanding all the disturbing results in Wadman et al.. Kupferschmidt offers a very good overview of interventions and the near future.


Kutschera offers a good overview of all the newer efforts at dating the Thera eruption. There is one mistake though. He fails to appreciate that for wiggle-matching the olive branch packet the main point is the order of the four dates, it suffices for their intervals to be approximate.


Stahle and Williams et al. stress that there's more to a megadrought than simply lack of rain. So what else is new? They look at droughts – soil moisture to be exact – over the last 1200 years but only control for temperature since 1920. As far as one can tell from their data the current combination of warmth and lack of precipitation was at work in all the other droughts in the past too. Their claim of something unprecedented happening now is unsubstantiated.

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