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Following R. P. Feynman (whom else?) I'd advocate the opposite of what Cornwall does: Do not treat your listeners as idiots, give them the facts, and do not choose idiots to disseminate them. The latter, admittedly, is hard to achieve when you have to rely on mass media for your communication. Even if some people are prone to listening more to some basketball stars than to their wise old grannies at home, what will promoting that tendency do to a society in the longer run? Haven't we had enough yet of centrally driven propaganda regimes?


There is a very good reason, why Karnauskas et al. refuse to use consistent and comparable unit in different parts of their paper. They begin by telling us that experienced submariners can work, if in a quite diminished fashion, at 8 % carbon dioxide concentration.[1] In cars and airplanes passengers and drivers are routinely subjected to up to 2.5 % at which level some slight impairment has been demonstrated. They also mention maths scores dropping in badly ventilated school rooms, but without telling us the measured concentration. Going back to their source the typical classroom is elevated by 0.2 % carbon dioxide above ambient. From these base data they report a trial testing students at concentrations of 0.05, 0.09, and 0.14 % concentration and claim reductions of cognitive capacity so large, that their extrapolation would reach zero at an absolute concentration of 0.15 % carbon dioxide (figure 3b). Of course they do not call these values e.g. 0.1 % but rather 1000 ppm, giving us current ambient air in the hundreds. Their conclusion of all that is of course a strong endorsement of all those climate activists trying to run down our civilization. Surely that is much easier and more straightforward and effective then simply improving ventilation, isn't it? Near the beginning of their article they mention that many windows in school rooms are never opened and I myself have observed school window shelves to be that shock full of all kinds of stuff, that it's more or less impossible to open them. And this scientific article is endorsed and published by the American Geophysical Union.

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Beginning with ambient air this would imply 12 % oxigen concentration and I'd expect them to suffocate, but perhaps submarines use oxigen enhancement.     Zurück