Articles to 2020-12-14

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Recently there are strong attacks against the dominating PCR protocol for CoV2 infections. I can’t make heads or tails of them and am waiting for my friend Reinhard’s, a geneticist’s, verdict. For the time being I’ve gone back and taken a look at Corman et al., the original publication from January – and found where the remarkable “the virus doesn’t exist, it’s never been isolated” comes from.


Three articles, Ng et al., Patton & Storfer et al., and Pennisi share a common theme. When the reports came up of a transmissible and invariably fatal cancer in Tasmanian Devils and their imminent extinction was predicted, I didn’t believe it. And I was right. The infinite random variability in nature provides solutions for nearly everything. The same, in principle, goes for Covid. It’s just that the dying off of four fifth of humanity and a slow clawing back from there is not quite the kind of solution we fancy. So yes, a preexisting immunity in a minority does not come at all as a surprise, but it’s by no means the solution it’s being touted as by some.


A recurring theme I’ve kept going on about like a parrot is wasting valuable natural gas in large power plants making it unavailable for other uses. Wang et al. is just one more example. Gas is absolutely essential for small units in the few kilowatt range like residential heaters. Against pollution you absolutely need the highest quality clean burning fuel for those. Large plants on the other hand can and do invest in enormous effort for flue gas cleaning like the new coal burning power station in Datteln, Germany. If self-styled Green politicians had their way and rich countries wasted hard-earned tax money on gas substitution consequences like China in 2017 are the inevitable result.

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