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Fögen offers a plausible mechanism and numbers to back his hypothesis up. For his very weak correlation between mask wearing and infection rate the inverse causality is more probable – administrations only mandate restrictions if they have to. The weight of the evidence points to masks being effective. They are not meant to protect the wearer but prevent him from spreading his infection. If the higher CFR really is true, it amounts to only several weeks of the exponential rise seen all through summer. So the answer, if one were needed can’t be abandoning masks but must be better ones. Is there a biocide cloth masks could be coated with?


Nine months into the pandemic it’s time to look back and try to infer the lessons learnt. What is certain is that measures work. The numbers for all other well known infections demonstrate it as summarized by Jones. Nonetheless all the measures taken and rules promulgated well match the education and qualification of career politicians[1] in their clumsiness. They must have had and ignored better advice from their panels of experts. It’s high time to look at what works and what doesn’t in e.g. Tupper et al. and stop using the sledgehammer regardless of unintended consequences.


As noted before, Czachesz continues to be a profound author to follow.

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