Articles to 2021-02-16

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Just like every other study so far Ba et al., Goff, and Starr completely fail to ask the only relevant question. It is completely beside any sensible point whether a certain race, gender, or perceived class is stopped and searched more or less often than any other. The one and only relevant parameter here is whether the fraction of searches, where something is found to vindicate the decision, differs between groups or not. Petty crime may be petty in the eyes of a well paid, secure and privileged journalist but it feels less for those at the receiving end. So what do fewer checks mean? It may be less harassment of the innocent or abetting the guilty. Not only are we not told but, worse, Ba et al. don’t even bother to look. Persons apprehended by police quite often turn violent themselves. So what does it tell us when female officers make fewer stops? Do they perhaps prefer to look the other way in self preservation at the cost of the ordinary citizen? I am not claiming this to be the case, how can I? What I do say is that without asking these questions everything Ba et al. report is completely irrelevant and beside the point.


Koenig et al. seem to offer the first really promising treatment for those infected by CoV2 and those already suffering the symptoms of Covid. If it turns out to really avoid the development of resistance this will be a huge step forward and possibly the long-sought solution.

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