Articles to 2021-04-27

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I have strong doubts whether Yan et al. is at all meaningful. Early on in the epidemic, more than 400 days ago, people panicked and tended to over react. By now they have become used to the situation and have heard reported case numbers every day for over a year. In general people are innumerate and number blind, magnitudes and trends are not obvious, and meaningful diagrams have been and are still universally withheld. Where once voluntary caution prevailed now even mandatory measures are widely circumvented. Results from a year ago have no useful meaning today.


If one were to accept carbon dioxide emission as the most serious ecological danger today, then China has to be the single most important part of the solution. Current over-zealous measures in Europe do not, in the main, reduce emissions but transfer them abroad with China being the prevalent destination. As Duan et al. convincingly demonstrate, a reduction of Chinese emissions to the degree deemed necessary is totally unrealistic and unachievable. Current European measures are virtue signalling window dressing exercises and rend to do more harm than good when analysed completely in both their direct and indirect results.

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