Articles to 2021-07-23

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


According to Wadman the retraction of the article in Vaccines follows best Stalinist tradition. If science contradicts the central committee party line, then it’s science that has to be corrected. Of course the article may well be wrong and badly done in the first place. But that was not the reason for it to be shouted down immediately. And quite apart from that, assuming it was as bad as is now claimed and that fact completely missed on acceptance: are the reviewers really qualified to mark first semester student papers and what does that tell us about all the other articles in the same journal?


It’s not Willyard’s main theme and only hinted at in several places, but her article again confirms the old British result about what determines school success or lack of it. The only variable of measurable predictive power is, whether parents deem schooling important or not. All socioeconomic advantages and disadvantages pale against that. And of course there is a difference whether learning itself is valued or just formally awarded credentials.

Secondly health and education administrators now openly admit they have knowingly done the wrong thing for months because the right measures were proposed by Donald Trump.

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