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In current climate warnings we’re frequently told about an imminent complete breakdown of the Atlantic turnover. By contrast what Yin et al. show for the onsets of the last ten ice ages is a surprisingly small but sharp downward step of about 20 %.


Why is it never the bland and unsurprising result, that nobody had become very excited about in the first place, that’s later shown to be completely made up and fabricated? The latest in a long line seems to be Ariely as reported by O’Grady and here too it’s not one but a row of highly respected studies that’s become suspect.

The scientific method is a fairly recent innovation and counter to demonstrative claims to the contrary is has not become widely accepted even now. At the time of Plato and Socrates it was enough to have a good idea and make up a convincing argument for it to be accepted and quoted as authoritative even now. Every single thing Rousseau has ever written has been shown to be completely false and yet he is still being taught and quoted as if relevant. His writings sound nice and are what people like to hear, that’s enough. Likewise it has become probable that most of what Freud offers as proof was completely made up and convincingly shown that treatments based on his teachings do nothing – they sound nice and feel good and for most that suffices.

Both my father’s diploma and doctoral dissertations were failed replications of what were at the time highly acclaimed new discoveries. In both he was able to explain the observations much less spectacularly. At his time having newly published findings replicated was what respected professors did, this way of proceeding science has completely gone out of fashion today.

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