Articles to 2021-10-25

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Ochs & Rotermund started an ongoing discussion on Academia.Edu .


In some circles the Rockefeller Study of 2010 (Juech et al.) has been touted as proof that the whole Covid crisis was long planned and orchestrated, which is of course utter nonsense. When on the other hand the cover of Covid has been used successfully to implement measures like a common EU liability for debts and the restriction and delegitimisation of cash ownership, that had been tried several times before and failed to pass the obstacle of widespread public opposition, this is a simple statement of fact. Leading civil servants in the relevant departments can be relied on to have read and remembered studies like the one above. So when measures taken today look suspiciously similar to ones described as probably successful there, this won’t be a coincidence and a watchful public will do well to stay vigilant and defend its freedoms.

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