Articles to 2021-11-13

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Thibault et al. confirm a long held hypothesis, but as far as I can tell they offer nothing towards the question of which came first or if both, tool use and language, coevolved simultaneously.


Several parts of Marcott & Shakun and Osman et al. look rather unconvincing. The coldest weather has extremely dry air and little precipitation and glacier growth. The last spurt towards the glacial maximum should have occurred in the beginning of a slowly warming climate. According to them temperatures continued to fall beyond the maximal glaciation and reached their lowest point only 17 ka BP. Secondly they contradict all of the rich biological evidence for the climate optimum of the earliest Neolithic. And thirdly they deny any Medieval warmth above the thousand year average encompassing all of the Little Ice Age. Indeed they deny the latter completely except for a short dip in the 19th century. This contradicts a lot of what seems well established and beyond doubt. On the other hand their result looks exactly like what politically controlled funding organizations would want to see. And of course the way they arrive at their result is by treating model outcomes as data and allowing them to override the real ones.

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