Articles to 2021-12-04

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


According to Brülhart et al. the amount and number of mental health concerns is more or less a constant. A crisis only changes the form, not the size of the problem. This seems to contradict the observed massive rise in school age children. If Brülhart et al. are correct there may always have been a large and unobserved rate of problems.


For science Hall adds a timely comment to the current vaccination debate.


The advances McFadden reports on are precisely the theme of my diploma thesis thirty years ago. The details on the company site linked to in the article match my own results exactly. At the time my study was a small part in a large industry-sponsored project and unfortunately never taken up by anyone. One large difference I see is that our apparatus was large, clumsy, hand-made and unusable in a moving vehicle while they developed it to production standard exactly along the lines I suggested then. Their explanation of the process closely mimics the one I found and described in 1990.

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