Articles to 2022-01-18

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I do not find Collins & Hatton’s and Miller & Wang’s claim substantiated by their own data. Looking at their figure 2a, before 20 ka BP beads are sparse to nonexistent in the south. After that, and including the single find at around 43 ka, the difference in size stays nearly the same up until the most recent times. What does happen after 2 ka BP is a large rise in the internal variability both in the south and east. So expressed in standard deviations the unchanged difference looks much smaller. As Collins & Hatton correctly find bead size alone is very weak evidence for long range contact anyway and looking at the data the signal does not even exist.


I know the kind of plants reported on by Guterman quite well. I was among the last students to be taught by nearly all the heads of the team who had developed the high temperature pebble bed reactor in Germany. In those years Germany was still at the forefront of the best reactor designs of the world, but already fading. The opposition was driven and financed East Germany and Russia at the time. The masters have gone, their poisonous ideology stays. Very soon we’ll all have to go, head in hand, to beg for handouts from our new technological masters in China. With our eviscerated and ruined universities we’re no longer fit to even be handed down jobs as their cheap outsourced development departments.

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