Articles to 2022-03-28

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


This week’s issue of PNAS happens to fall exactly on the feast day of Purim. Far beyond April 1st with it’s single, half hidden spoof article in some journals, on Purim in Israel all of parliament is given over to parody and satire as are whole issues of leading newspapers. This coincidence of dates is the only way I can make sense of Wu et al.


In his talk with Kupferschmidt, Bergstrom keeps pussyfooting around the bush and avoids tackling the main issue head on.

I refrain from enjoying the delights of cocaine and heroine and only indulge in a little alcohol now and then in good company. In the same vein I also keep well away from all so-called “social media” while critically reading a few selected blogs and believing nothing unless cross-checked with other reliable sources. Both these decisions are related and stem from exactly the same reason.

As Bergstrom himself points out these companies run an extremely competent, extremely extensive, and extremely well funded exercise in mass mind control. Anyone subjecting himself to that may as well move directly to North Korea and give up any pretense of critical self-determination.

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