Articles to 2022-08-15

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


Koile et al.’s new results are in total disagreement with the archaeological findings both for the spread of iron and for east coast ceramic seriation. Granted, all the older conclusions were and are contaminated by a large amount of circular reasoning, but the more descriptive, material oriented ones look sound all the same.


After O’Grady’s somewhat muddled account in last week’s science, Callaway and Wilkin show how it ought to be done. Evershed et al. is of course a long awaited contribution to the lactose intolerance conundrum. Apparently it’s far less important that current dietary fashion wants to make out.


Wrigley-Field omits the most important part in her recommendation – hopefully but far from certainly because it’s less of a problem in the primary scientific literature: If you report any number always say exactly what it you record. For percentages always state clearly what exactly it is a percentage of, and of course never omit time or treat it as dimensionless. In practice it’s rarely the case (though it happens) that studies report widely varying values for the same item but rather measure two different properties although both are used as proxies for the same object of interest.

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